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  1. The use of sound enrichment or white noise or a variant is an important component in most Auditory Habituation and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) treatments. These therapies use counselling together with sound therapy which involves the use of treatments along with white noise. These generators may cost well over $2,000 and has proved to be extremely effective. Many of the same principles of these therapies plus others are used in the Noise Relief System. However the equipment used in the Noise Relief System is readily available at a substantially lower cost than participating in full TRT.
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  3. The Noise Relief System uses sound therapy. It employs digitally produced white noise played at a volume just below the mixing point or sound level of your ear noise. As the Noise Relief System uses your own CD player or MP3 player, it is quite affordable. When the sound therapy and white noise is downloaded on your MP3 player it is easy to transport and available for use whenever you wish.
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  5. The system allows you to get on with life, treating and relieving the symptoms sooner. Further it reduces your annoyance and stress level allowing for a faster recovery as opposed to waiting until the ear noise worsens.
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  7. Simplicity. The volume of the sound therapy volume may be adjusted to match your specific ear noise level to achieve a total masking of the sound (the Tinnitus is "covered up" by the white noise) or played at a volume level below the ear noise so that over time your condition will improve as you benefit from “auditory habituation”. No other adjustments regarding pitch or equalization are required.
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  9. Using sound therapy reduces the relative level between the offending ear noise and the white neutral white noise. As the sound is delivered directly to your ears via headphones a constant volume differential is achieved even when you are on the move.

The two processes that will provide you with relief from Tinnitus using sound therapy are as follows.

A. Sound masking

Sound masking is achieved by playing white noise to a volume level sufficient to cover up the ongoing tinnitus. All that is heard is white noise which overtime you will find is much less annoying than Tinnitus. Many people actually find the noise soothing and a variant of this sound is what makes infants fall asleep while in a moving car. For some people there is a phenomenon of residual habituation which is best defined as a temporary absence of tinnitus, or a significant reduction of tinnitus, after the white noise is withdrawn.

Masking reduces the perception of ear noise, and reduces your annoyance and stress levels. A full masking of the sound may be appropriate in the early weeks of therapy to reduce your general stress level. Many people find the sound of white noise relaxing or at least much less annoying then the sound of Tinnitus and thus masking can be an appropriate coping strategy.

B. Sound Therapy

Over the long term , Auditory Habituation therapy suggests that white noise should be played at a level just below the volume level of your Tinnitus. In this way you will benefit from a partial masking of the annoying ear noise but you will still be able to perceive the volume peaks of the sound.

This has benefits :

  1. It reduces your perceived annoyance and stress level allowing you to get on with life and over time forget about your ear noise.
  2. As the Ear Noise is still perceived, over the long term, this allows the brain's cognitive function to allow you to habituate the sound so it is no longer perceived at the conscious level.
  3. Avoid silence! Silence makes Tinnitus more noticeable, and may aggravate it.

Although this process may take from 6 -18 months - what seems like a long time - your quality of life will increase in the meantime as you will have control over your annoyance level. That is, you will be able to control when the sound therapy is used and adjust the volume of the white noise delivered to your ears to partially mask or "cover up" the sound .

Many of us have been raised that silence is golden. To effectively master this strategy and have a return to silence you will need to believe the opposite—that noise and particularly white noise (with volume at conversational levels) is beneficial.

We encourage you to visit the links section to obtain the tools you need including the theory behind Auditory Habituation, the use of directive counselling and to obtain white noise CD’s and MP3s for sound therapy.

White Noise

WHITE NOISE - This is technically sound with a uniform frequency spectrum over a wide range of frequencies. Non-technically, white noise is any unobtrusive background noise, such as the hum of a fan, the sound of rain, or a shower. Often white noise is imitated and generated to drown out other obtrusive sounds

The use of pure uninterrupted and digitally recorded white noise is used to ensure the sound is soothing, doesn’t stimulate an emotional reaction and has a sufficient audio spectrum to be able to partially mask ear noise. Sound therapy requires that you use digitally recorded, full spectrum white noise played as frequently as possible and the Tinnitus is very noticeable. Variations of white noise are the same sounds that soothe a baby and enhance the baby’s ability to sleep. It is not uncommon for parents to play water, rain, wind or other background sounds to lull a crying baby to sleep. A similar process has been found to work for those affected by Ear Noise. We are not aware of any downside for having an adult listen to white noise at conversational volume or lower.

Some individuals prefer to listen to white noise on a CD player (clock radio style, in car or home stereo), MP3 player or IPOD. White noise may also be combined with with low key music played in the background . Although classical habituation therapy advises against music as it may cause you to associate an emotional response to your ear noise you will need to experiment to determine what you find most comforting in your individual situation.

If you find that you are no longer annoyed by the white noise; Congratulations! You have achieved “Habituation of Reaction”. The first step in no longer being aware of the ear noise.

Using music in addition to white noise

Some individuals find that foreground listening whereby one only focuses on relevant sounds like a conversation, TV, the sleep machine or relaxation sound allows the individual to move the Tinnitus noise into the background so that, for a period of time, it is not noticed. Again, this is a positive sign that your brain is beginning to habituate the ear noise.

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We wish you all the best and a strong and timely recovery!


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"Practical tips, treatment strategies and a discussion forum for those affected by Tinnitus. Good quality CD's and MP3's for relaxation and promoting sleep. I suffered from Tinnitus and tried pretty much everything; vitamins, acupressure, hypnotism and supplements with limited success. As I was always looking for a cause it never occurred to me there may actually be a process to reduce the severity of the symptoms. My ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) told me that Tinnitus Retraining and other therapies are reserved for more severe cases The Noise relief system seems to be a practical approach to lessen Tinnitus. The advise on the Resources web site is good forcing you to stick to a plan. Some days are better than others and on some weekend days, when my stress levels are low, I actually forget about the noise. If you haven’t gone with full blown Tinnitus Retraining Therapy I would recommend the Noise Relief symptom as a good symptom relief approach."

"After obtaining Tinnitus as a result of a stuffed Eustachian tube, followed by a loud noise I met with medical doctor and ears nose and throat (ENT) guy. My audiogram and eardrum were fine so the ENT proclaimed everything was fine and “Don’t Worry”. Well everything wasn’t fine. My tinnitus seemed to get worse on the report there was nothing I could do about it but better when I had heard from a family friend that they had it for about a year and then it simply disappeared. My tinnitus definitely was affected by emotions.

At times the noise got so bad that it sound like a jet engine. When I discovered the Noise Relief system the severity of Tinnitus was greatly reduced. Now I use the white noise therapy about 2-3 hours per day especially before bedtime or when the ear noise is especially loud. I also listen to Noise Relief "white noise" CD's all night using headphones and find I am now back to about 8 hours per day in sleep. I’m grateful that someone put a system in place, and given order and happiness back into my life."