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Deep Breathing Exercises
To Breathe well is to live well.

Breathing is important for a variety of reasons

1. It is the means by which we provide our bodies and its various organs oxygen that is needed to enrich our blood stream with this vital gas.
2. It is a way of removing waste products from the body.
3. It is well understood that relaxation the body and mind can reduce anxiety, stress, depression and help relieve many ailments.

Tinnitus Treatment, Sleep enhancement and reduction of anxiety is all about reducing stress and enhancing our ability to cope with life’s daily challenges.

Do not be frustrated, relaxation techniques may not have an immediate effect. However, you will notice a difference over time. It is like a well, water may be drawn from it for extended periods, but eventually it needs to be replenished with new water and new efforts to enhance relaxation.

Stress reduction through breathing

A key component of meditation is deep “belly” breathing as opposed to high chest or shallow breathing.

Deep breathing requires you to make your diaphragm or tummy move out.

The 6-3-6 principle.

Try breathing in through your nose for six seconds, hold for three seconds and then out through the mouth with the lips pursed for six seconds making a “SSSSSS” sound not unlike White Noise.

We all know how to breathe. It is a basic function that occurs to us automatically. We are usually not aware that we are breathing; so why does one need to be told how to breathe?

Sometimes, someone who is in touch may say “Breathe”. What do they mean? When we are tense or stressed, breathing may become modified and restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually. Overt time we learn unhealthy habits without even being aware of it. We may hold slouched positions that reduce our lung capacities and even take shorter breaths.

If our breathing is too shallow or quick we may not process enough oxygen or remove sufficient carbon dioxide from our blood stream. Further high chest or shall breathing does not exercise the lungs enough, so they lose some of their function, causing a further reduction in vitality. Animals that breathe slowly live the longest—the elephant is a good example. Breathing more deeply, slowly while clearing our minds of all thoughts is a vital part of meditation. Many yogis that practice meditation and deep breathing techniques have life expectancies exceeding those of many North Americans.

Breathe deeply, your body will thank-you for it!
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Forum start > Relaxation Techniques > To Breathe Well is to Live Well > Deep Breathing Exercises

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